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Puyallup SDA Church offers a variety of ways to connect to our faith community. Whether its service opportunities, friendships, or a little adventure–we have something for you.

Pastoral Care Team

Every Tuesday morning a group of dedicated men and women meet to care for our hurting members. While overlapping somewhat with the parish ministry, this group really focuses on those who are ill, lonely, in the hospital, or grieving. If you have a desire to bring encouragement and cheer into those who need it, contact Geri Powers.

Audio/Visual Arts

Are you a techie? Are you drawn to buttons, lights, and sounds? Do you appreciate aesthetics and have a burning hatred for squealing microphones? Then you may want to join our audio/visual team. We strive each week for smooth transitions, innovative graphics, and quality sound. Contact Jim Ellison if you are interested.

Worship Arts

Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry (SKMM) is a Seventh-day Adventist ministry committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the motorcycle community. This Hollister, California-based ministry has 19 chapters spread from Arkansas to Hawaii and chapters in Canada and Australia. Membership is open to all baptized members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, however riding with the chapter does not require membership nor is motorcycle ownership required. The Puyallup SDA Church sponsors the SKMM Northwest Chapter and helps mentor and grow the chapter. 

SKMM Northwest participates in motorcycle rallies, charity rides, dedication services, local fairs and other motorcycle related activities. Personal contact and literature evangelism are the primary methods used to spread the gospel.  The chapter also participates in a monthly homeless feed at the Tacoma Rescue Mission the fourth Friday of each month.  

This ministry is self-supporting, mostly funded by monthly dues of $11 per month for each member.  Details about upcoming events can be found on the chapter’s Facebook page, Sabbath Keepers Northwest, or contact Curtis Ulrich at 253-397-5283 for any questions.
A 4 minute video presentation may be viewed here:  

Puyallup Play Group (young children)


Our Youth Group is geared towards Junior High and High School students.  We have a weekly Bible Study group that meets at 10:30 AM every Saturday, as well as a thriving Pathfinder club with Teen Leadership Training for our high school members.  

Our mission is to help young people be current leaders in the church, not waiting until they are older to lead, but taking ownership of their church while they are young.  We aim to create a deeper understanding of Adventist beliefs, have in depth conversations about the Bible and events in society affecting youth today, and ultimately help youth grow their personal relationship with Christ.  We do this through social and spiritual events- like vespers, attending Christian concerts, our Youth Praise Team, potlucks, retreats, mission trips, movie nights, and personal connections. 

Interested in being mentored in an area of ministry you have a passion for?  We've got a Youth Mentorship program set up just for you, with dedicated Elders and leaders in our church willing to walk with you on your journey of faith and train you to be a leader in ministry in whatever way God has called you.  Contact Pastor Natalie Dorland if you're interested!

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Sports Ministry

Guest Services

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