Pastor Mike Demma

In a Chicago suburb, I grew up enjoying the culinary and social benefits of an Italy-born mother and solely-Sicilian father.  Thus, I acquired an almost insatiable appetite for pasta, garlic, olive oil and people-contact.

My kind-hearted, lovely wife Tara and I met at a small California college.  She is now an RN for a school district.  Our son Mickey is a weightlifting, sports car enthusiast who currently pursues a medical degree through Walla Walla College.

My interests include eating Italian food, astronomy, humor, reading, racquetball, weightlifting (especially with my son), teaching/counseling, World War II history, a dash of hiking in the great Northwest and (did I mention?) Italian food. 

I began reading the Bible at the age of 16 with a deep interest to know life’s meaning, Earth’s future and my own ultimate destiny, all as it relates to God. Gradually, my enthusiasm for Bible prophecy gave way to a preoccupation with Jesus Christ; what He did, what He taught, Who He was/is.  After seven years of study, I accepted the God of the Bible as my own personal God and Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. Now, several decades after that decision, Jesus is still the most fascinating and captivating Person to me. My commitment to ever-increasingly know Jesus/God and to share my discoveries with others remains steadfast.

Over the years, I have held approximately fifteen jobs including factory, railroad, custodial, management and sales.  Much to my surprise, I began denominational pastoring in 1990 within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Before landing in Puyallup, WA, in 2009 I pastored in northern California and northern Washington state.  My dream is that people who get to know me will get to  Jesus as a result, and experience life on the best level possible.