This is the full list of Bible classes available during our weekly Saturday Sabbath school time.

Beginners - Birth to 3.  

Filled with happy tunes and smiling faces,  learning Bible songs & stories!

Kindergarten 4-6.  

Filled with fun, laughter, and singing, while learning about Jesus!

Primary 7-9.  

Primary is the perfect place for discovering more as we explore through the Bible!

Juniors 10-12.  

We talk about peer pressures, friend dramas, and how God helps us through seemingly impossible trials by having a relationship with Him as we continue to learn how Amazing God is!

Youth 13-18.  

Our Youth Group is geared towards Junior High and High School students.  We aim to create a deeper understanding of God and our beliefs, have in depth conversations about the Bible and events in society affecting youth today.  And ultimately help youth grow their personal relationship with Christ. 

Young Adult 18+.

Our Young Adult groups works through the Bible reading, discussing, and praying. The Young adult group works to create friendships, and disciples with those around us. Connect with one another and grow a loving relationship with Christ.